Season 1 Episode 1
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Tommy And The Hill
Original Airdate January 2001
Previous Episode NONE
Next Episode Kimi's Idea


Tommy imagines a desert in Australia and faces the largest sand dune EVER!


This is the reference to the Rugrats pilot, Tommy and The Great White Thing.


(The episode starts with the babies discovering the Desert in Spain)

Tommy: Say, this is really exporing, isn't it?

Chuckie: Not for me.

Lil: Me and Phillip are starving.

Brianna: I have some pie in my pocket. Here, yall.

(Phil and Lil eat)

Tommy: Stop! We've found it!

(They cheer)

(Cut to the backyard)

Tommy: A hill of toys!

(Babies cheer)

Lou: Come on, sprouts, let's have dinner.


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