Garry Marshall: [voiceover, opening to the Paramount logo] Now, where to begin?

[opening to the 2002 Nickelodeon Movies logo]

Garry Marshall: How about, once upon a time…

[opening glitches up and cuts to black]

Garry Marshall: Nah, how many times have you heard that a begin story? Let's do something else. [gasps] I got it. I got it. Here we go… Here's the opening his movie.

[opening to Pinwheel while the Circle of Life plays]

Garry Marshall: No, I don't think so. It looks familiar, doesn't it to you?

[Golden Book Video's opening with a hue change]

Garry Marshall: Oh, no, no, not the book! How many have seen "opening the book" before? Good! We're not doing it. Here's what we're gonna do. [as a Nick Toons logo zooms in] Why don't I just things go back to the day things took a turn for the worst?

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