The Interview is the non-canon pilot for the series Rugrats: Off the Stage.

Plot Edit

A few days after The Rugrats Movie came out, Stu recieved a letter from Mr. Csupo saying he wanted Stu and Didi to be interviewed. Tommy then wonders what an interview is. Angelica, being the brat that she is, tells him it's when you do somthing bad to your friends. Tommy proceeds to punch Phil & Lil's faces and kick Chuckie. He even puts Angelica into a coma! (She did kind of deserve it, though.) Tommy somehow manages to do something bad to everyone, including putting Didi's glasses in the toilet, dumping sugar in to Betty's coffee, making Stu look bad in front of Mr. Csupo, and just plain annoying the Director's Assistant. Finally, he has come to his last victim, Dil. Tommy tries, but he can't harm Dil. After all, he is his brother. Didi and Stu, of course, are mad at Tommy's behavior, and Angelica, with a bandages wraped around her head, rubs it in Tommy's face. Tommy picks up a remote and preses "On" and "Rewind" revealing a security camera that Stu installed last week. It shows Angelica telling Tommy about the interview. Angelica, knowing she is busted, knocks herself into a coma.

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