Narrator: Today, Tommy is at playgroup Tommy: To be honest with with you, you kinda creep me out. Go away.

Narrator: Here comes Phil.

Tommy: I said go away!

Narrator: Okay, ok Tommy: Hello, Phil!

Phil: Humph! I'm not friends with YOU anymore, Tommy. You're just low class and un-African!

Tommy: Erm, Phil? Why are you acting like this?

Phil: Because I am a full-blooded African, as you can tell due to my species.

Tommy: Whaa?

Taffy: Today, we are getting two new students, namely Lisa and Brianna!

Tommy: I can't wait to meet them!

Phil: They'll have to replace me as your friends.

[Lisa and Brianna arrive]

Brianna: Growl!

Lisa (singing): WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?

Tommy: Hi, I'm Tommy and I like jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

Lisa: Eww!

Brianna: Come on, Lisa. Let's find the popular kids.

Phil: I believe I'm you're boy

[Lisa and Brianna come to Phil]

Phil: And you, Tommy, you're just going to have to keep losing friends!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Tommy: Hang on, that's it! I'll make a smaller gang to go up against! Because good things come on small packages.

Peppa: Chuckie ,Kimi,, and Lil , you can be in it. And the rest of you, don't worry. You're all still my friends, but you're not quite members for my anti-Phil Smellyphant gang. After playgroup, let's build a treehouse. Okay?

Chuckie: Okay, but I'm not used to being in a kid gang such as this. [The parents arrive]

Tommy.: Mum, I've just formed a gang consisted of my friends Chuckie,, Kimi, and Lil!

Didi: Very good!

Tommy: And I want to take them to my house so that you can build us a treehouse!

Didi: You want to come over, 'ay? Well, I'll just ask your mothers. Is it ok Chaz, and Betty.: Yes!

Tommy: Now, we need to get Phil back to her former glory.

Didi: Why don't you just sneak into his house and do the hand in a bucket trick?

[Tommy and his gang laugh]

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