Season 1 Episode 3
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The Chatterbox
Original Airdate February 3, 2001
Previous Episode Kimi's Idea
Next Episode Practice Make Diaper Rash


Chuckie talks so much that he is called a chatterbox.


It is revealed that Chuckie is a chatterbox.

Chas is a cameo.


When Angelica said, 'You dumb heads don't know ANYTHING!',

she sounds like Dil, because they have the same voice actor.

Kira's voice actor has been replaced by Aoi Tamayaki- Itoh.

When Chuckie signs Tommy's agreement, his eyebrows aren't seen.


(The episode starts at the Finsters)

Tommy: Alrighty, Kimi. Let's sign the signature to agree to my best friends.

(Chuckie signs it first)

Kira: Chas, you can't have everything to the garage.

Chas: But I have to protect everything.

Betty: Hey, nerds. Planning to move?

Chas: I'm trying to store everything because I won't let my cousin take it all. She's such a chatterbox.

Betty: She talks too much.

(Cut to babies)

Chuckie: Tommy, what's a batterboxy?

Tommy: It's someone who talks all the time.

Chuckie: I can know everything! YAY!!! 

(Tommy hushes him)

Chuckie: Angelica, can you tell me how to count? Angelica, tie my shoes! Angelica, pick my nose!

(At night)

Chuckie: Angelica, Angelica!


Angelica: You dumb heads don't know ANYTHING!!!!


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