Teddy McNulty


2 year old Teddy

Teddy McNulty
Todd McNulty
Ty McNulty
Timmy McNulty
Terry McNulty
Conan McNulty
Colleen McNulty
Todd McNulty
Ty McNulty
Timmy McNulty
Terry McNulty
First Appearance
Tommy V.S The Potty
Babysmurfrocks Series

  Teddy McNulty is the youngest of the McNulty Boys. He's probably the same age as Tommy, 1 years old, but younger. Teddy has brothers named Timmy, Terry, Todd, and Ty. He is voiced by Grey Delisle.


He is the youngest of the McNulty Boys and (as seen in episode Fugitive Tommy) just got his first tooth.


In his very first appearance he wore clothes similar to Tommy's except his shirt was Yellow. Later he is seen wearing a onesie but without the feet part that is orange. In Babysmurfrocks Series he is starting to grow more hair and wears an orange shirt with red shorts similar to Timmy's.


  • He is 1 year old like Tommy but he doesn't turn 1 until in the epsiode Fugitive Tommy.
  • In Babysmurfrocks' series even though he is not exactly 2 yet he is still potty trained before Tommy is

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