Season 2 Episode 2/3
Tales from the crib sleeping Dil title card
Tales From The Crib: Sleeping Dil (Babysmurfrocks Series)
Original Airdate N/A
Previous Episode Library Antics
Next Episode Another Family Reunion
Tales From The Crib: Sleeping Dil is the second and third episode of the second Season of Babysmurfrocks' Series after the episode Library Antics. This is a special episode two part episode

Characters Present

  • Tommy
  • Chuckie
  • Phil
  • Lil
  • Kimi
  • Dil
  • Susie
  • Angelica
  • Savannah
  • Gloria
  • Ebony
  • Alan


A evil witch puts a curse of Dil and puts him to sleep causing him to turn into sleeping Dil! It's up to Savannah to past all the tests to become a princess and wake sleeping Dil before it's too late

The Story

Part 1

Part 2


  • This special is a homage of the Dora the explorer episode: Fairytail Adventure

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