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Shipped Characters
Length of Relationship
Start of Shenzi and Frankie's time in middle school - present

 Shemmy is the pairing of Shenzi Tuck and Tommy Pickles (Shenzi and Tommy). For a field trip on learning about the married life, they are paired up by luck of the draw, but have no romantic interaction otherwise.


Shenzi and Tommy first meet in New York City around Christmas time, after they and their respective infanthood friends get separated from their families. At this time, they're only toddlers, except Dil and Matt, who were babies. They don't bond as tightly as she and Chuckie, but they still hit it off. When luring the robbers in the house, Shenzi is caught by one of them, but Tommy throws a stray spider at him, and manages to save her.


Shemmy MomentsEdit


  1. They were both born prematurely; 2 months, to be exact.

Shemmy SongsEdit

  1. Wouldn't It Be Nice?, by The Beach Boys (official Shemmy song)
  2. What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction


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