Ren and Dougie is part one of a three part crossover

Plot Edit

Ren and Stimpy go to Bluffington were they meet Doug.

Transcript Edit

Stimpy: Ren, ha ha Ren I want a go on vacation.

Ren: no.

Stimpy: Please?

Ren: Fine. It will have to be cheap. Wi'll go to Bluffington, the cheapest place on Earth.

Stimpy: Why?

Ren: Because it's so cheap, the animators couldn't afford a human color crayon.

(Ren and Stimpy arrive at Bluffington)

Stimpy: Great, now all we need is a room to rent.

Ren: By that you mean, break in to a hotel!

Stimpy: Hey there's one!

Ren: Stimpy, you moronic cat. That's a school.

Stimpy: But according to the billboard up there, there are no hotels.

Ren: fine. But it won't be as cool as breaking in to a hotel. Hopefully this school will have a hot tub so we can look at naked ladies.

(Ren and Stimpy break in to the school. Everyone runs away except Doug and Skeeter.)

Doug: Look Skeeter, and stupid cat and a hot head chuwawa.

Ren: You're not scared?

Skeeter: Dude, if you saw Porkchop, you would see our connection.

Stimpy: Ren, are these the naked ladies?

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