Movie Premiere is the fourth episode of Rugrats: Off the Stage

Plot Edit

The Rugrats go to Germany to watch Die Rugrats Film

Story Edit

The Babies, Their Parents and Kathy were all on a private jet to Germany. "So your telling me that their is a German Rugrats Show in production that made a movie just like the Rugrats movie?" asked Stu. "Yes." said Kathy. "Couldn't you just have dubbed it?" "We don't really like dubbing things." Suddenly, Josh walked in. "Stop with the exposition! There's no shower!" "Of course there's no shower. this is an areoplane!" said Grandpa Lou. "Look old timer, this is a private jet and private jets have showers." "No they don't." "Yes they do." "DON'T." "DOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Hey can we stop ripping off a joke that the user's won't get.

 When the gang reached Germany, they checked in to there hotel, Steigenberger. When they got unpacked, the gang headed to Toni & Tonino Kinos, a German movie theater. There, they met Paul Germain, the German creator and the German cast. "Ah, Kathy, lange nicht gesehen. Wie ist die sechste saison in den USA kommt zusammen. " "ziemlich gut, ziemlich gut." Kathy replied. "I didn't know you spoke German." said Didi. "I don't. I was just read a German to English dictionary."
The U.S babies and the German babies got a chance to talk to each other  "Hi, my name is Tommy Pickles." Tommy said to his European  counterpart. "Hallo, mein Name ist Tommy Pickles. the German said to his American. "He said Hello. I am Big Susan, ya. I speak English ya. ". "I thought we were doing Swedish stereotypes on next weeks show." said Chuckie to Tommy. "We AREEE!".
 Soon the gang was ready to watch Die Rugrats Film. They went in, saw it, and went out. "That was great" said Tommy. "Great, I couldn't understand any of it" said Chuckie. "Well you weren't sitting next to Big Susan now were you." "No."

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