tommy: look it a cave can I go in

didi: no you can't go in the cave

tommy: please mommy

didi: ok but don't touch the orb

tommy: ok mommy

chuckie played with the flashlight and he scary

phil: that mine

tommy touch an orb

chuckie: tommy no don't touch

tommy is a mermaid baby and then tommy found some otters

hello otters

the otters name pip, pop, Ollie, ozzy and mrs otter

hello tommy harth i have a gother in my hamster cage chuckie slide the a saber tooth tiger slide and the snot is stuck in my nose the end

tommy is on land and got legs

didi: did you see otters

tommy: yes I see the otter family

didi: its time to go home

angelica chuckie phil and lil see tommy

tommy: hello everyone

angelica: hello tommy

dil: dinesaw

Phil and Lil : cries

tommy: sorry

stu: good night my little babies

gother: yawn

gother: runs in a wheel

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