Maya Finster

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Maya Melinda Finster
Nika Futterman
Playing with her mother, father, grandparents, and friends
Chuckie Finster (father)

Shenzi Tuck-Finster (mother)

Friar Tuck (maternal grandfather)

Felicia Tuck (maternal grandmother)

Chas Finster (paternal grandfather)

Kira Finster (paternal grandmother)

Kimi Finster-Pickles (aunt)

Tommy Pickles (uncle)

Louie Pickles (cousin)

Frankie Tuck (aunt)

Maya Tuck (biological maternal grandmother; deceased)

Jack Johnson (biological maternal grandfather)

Melinda Finster (biological paternal grandmother; deceased)
Lavender Carmichael (sometimes) Morty Pangborn
First Appearance
Middle School Reunion
Last Appearance
BxB R/AGU Fanfics

Maya Melinda Finster is the daughter of Shenzi and Chuckie Finster. Shenzi is pregnant with her at the end of High School Daze, gives birth in Forever and Always, and Maya makes her debut as a 3-year-old in Middle School Reunion.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Maya has pale skin like Chuckie's, but it has a very slight grey tint, from Shenzi. She has big, brown eyes, dark red hair, a round, black nose, and freckles on her cheeks. She carries a TY Beanie Boos Dalmatian named Georgia everywhere with her, equivalent to Shenzi with Kitty.


Maya is almost exactly like how her mother was, and is: Sweet, but kind of timid. Like Shenzi, she's Daddy's Little Girl, but still loves her mommy. At her parents' school reunion, she happily shares her toys with her little cousin, Louie Pickles, and her new friends, twins Parker and Harper DeVille.



  • Maya's birthday is April 15th, same as her father's.
  • A next generation story for Lost in Manhattan will be written once "Forever and Always" is concluded, and Maya will be in the main cast, along with Louie, Parker, Harper, Miley, and some new faces.
  • Her voice as a pre-teen would sound like Luna Loud from new fellow Nicktoon "The Loud House".

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