Jack Johnson

[[Image:Jack Johnson|px]]

Jack Johnson
Dan Castellanetta (might change)
Maya Tuck (ex-wife)

Shenzi Tuck (daughter)

Chuckie Finster (son-in-law)

Maya Finster (granddaughter)
None known
First Appearance
High School Daze (mentioned) Forever and Always (physical)
Last Appearance
BxB R/AGU Fanfics

Jack Johnson is the biological father of Shenzi Tuck, and first husband of Maya Tuck. Due to his sexist ways, Maya divorces him after the gender of their baby is revealed to be a girl, and he reveals that he wants a boy, and a boy only.


High School DazeEdit

Shenzi tries to bond with him, because he was the only blood relative she has left, but he rejects her after learning who she is. When she is heartbroken, Chuckie comes over to her house to comfort her.

After prom, Shenzi has a bad dream, where her family, plus Chuckie, had the same sexist thoughts and reject her, upsetting her after she wakes up. Upon request, Frankie sends Chuckie over, despite the fact that it's 2 in the morning, and he sleeps over to help his girlfriend feel better.

Forever and AlwaysEdit

While planning Tommy and Kimi's wedding, they, along with Shenzi and Frankie, start to feel the pressure of it all. Chuckie offers to stop at Starbucks to get drinks for everyone, except Shenzi, to whom he promises a cupcake, and they gratefully accept. After he finishes at both places, he goes to leave Starbucks, but when he hears Jack Johnson being called to receive his order, he stops, and decides to confront him for the pain he caused to Shenzi. Jack, however, is indifferent, even denying that he has a daughter. This escalates into a heated argument, before Chuckie is pushed to the floor, and has coffee dumped on his head.

After he explains everything to Shenzi, she goes to Starbucks on her own to confront him for hurting her husband. A minute or two after she leaves, Chuckie and Frankie go after her, to ensure her safety.

CF+ST- Sheckie Through A to ZEdit

Jack is mentioned in oneshot "F: Father's Day", but does not appear.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jack bears a resemblance to his daughter Shenzi. He's from whom she inherited her condition, heterochromia. He has light purplish-grey skin, short black hair, a round black nose, and a slim build. Like Shenzi, his right eye is green, while the left is blue. In his only appearance, he wears jeans, classic checkerboard Vans, a white beater tank top, a black chain necklace, and a dark blue biker jacket.



  • Jack's only trait that Shenzi carries is his heterochromia.
  • His first physical appearance is in Forever and Always.

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