Plot Edit

Stu had just created a new invention called "The Shrink Ray". Stu tries to test it out but accidentally shrinks all of the babies but Lil. Lil was outside eating worms. Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil went outside and they were trying to ride the worm (it looks giant to them) but Lil eats the worm and accidentally swallow Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil. Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil end up in Lil's stomach and look up sadly, but then finds lots of worms. They begin with it. Lil's white blood cells are consuming the worms. Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil come. Lil's white blood cells run away. Next, Lil is seen making a mud pie. Her stomach gurgles and bounces, annoying Lil, her eyes go tiny in tension. Didi puts a digestion tablet in a cup of water and Lil drinks it up. Tommy, Chuckie, and Lil are interrupted by the soda. Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil climb up thinking that they are tidal waves. Phil's shoes touched the soda and gets destroyed and consumed. Thinking their was an acid tsunami, they escape in a door-way while all of the worms go whoosh! Lil's white cells greet Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil to look down, and they fall down.

Next, Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil lands on a jelly looking object and was bounced of to some water. The water was yellow (urine, BTA pee). Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil jump into an appendix looking object which they hang at it. But then Tommy sees a worm fall down of the urine waterfall. Tommy catches the next one but a white blood cell that looks like Lil comes in Tommy's Head and tells him that he shouldn't eat other body's food, Tommy says he is right but I'll eat. The cell was very angry and called the body's Head Cell. The appendix like object was taken up and the body's Head Cell was a big macho girl and looked a lot like Lil. She squealed Tommy under her arm and Tommy's shape becomes cylindrical. Then the big macho girl dropped Tommy off into another body area. Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil saw White Cells with suitcases into different body parts to fight germs and looked ahead.

White Blood Cells are in line waiting for their turn to go into the elevator. But what turns out is that Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil are also in line, and are also vastly larger than the white blood cells.

More Coming Soon

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