Howard DeVille

Howard DeVille

Howard "Howie" DeVille
None known
Dropping by the Pickles' house to see Stu's inventions
Betty (wife)
Phil and Lil (children)
First Appearance
Tommy's New Food
Black Screen Series

 Howard DeVille is Betty's husband, and father to Phil and Lil. He is voiced by Phil Proctor.

For some how that Howard married Betty, and got two twins, Phil and Lil. 


Phil and Lil's dad Howard is the quietest grown-up in the gang, and possibly the oldest. This is probably because he's married to Betty, the loudest grown-up in the gang, and it's hard to get a word in edgewise. The DeVilles are the Pickles' next-door neighbors, and Howard likes to drop by and see Stu's toys. Or maybe he's just looking for a little peace and quiet. He has been nicknamed "Howie".

Howard is generally considered to be fairly shy. He tends to not be as bold as others, and usually takes a back seat to his wife, in terms of domestic duties and parenting. Howard is known to display passive aggressive tendencies toward his wife. It is revealed by Betty that she use to poke him with her index finger during their school days. However, after years, he realized Betty was only doing it because she was too shy to admit she liked him. He is shown in Touchdown Tommy to be a big football fan and was seen skiing in A Rugrats Vacation. However, like his timid personality, he does seem to take household hobbies, such as building with toothpicks. It is revealed that Lil wants his special calculator.

Phil Proctor

Phil Proctor


Howard has peach skin. He has blue hair and a pair of white eyes with black pupils, and appears to look much older than the other adults. The character often wears a light red shirt and purple pants along with brown shoes.

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