Give Up or Die Trying is a series by Hiway202 that is published on, AO3, and Rugrats Fanon Wiki.

Characters Edit

Tommy Pickles (Hiway202 Series)

Dil Pickles (Hiway202 Series)

Lil DeVille (Hiway202 Series)

Phil DeVille (Hiway202 Series)

Susie Carmichael (Hiway202 Series)

Angelica Pickles (Hiway202 Series)

Kimi Finster (Hiway202 Series)

Chuckie Finster (Hiway202 Series)

Chapters Edit

Give Up or Die Trying (Hiway202 Series) / Part 1

More to come

Summary Edit

After something happens to the gang's friend, they must find a way to figure out the truth. Who is the person who committed the crime or is it really who the police think it is. And will the All Grown Up! gang give up or die trying?

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