Crew Party is the second episode of Rugrats: Off the Stage.

Plot Edit

Stu and Didi get invited to a crew party, but with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Dil tagging along, things can only lead to disaster.

Story Edit

It was a sunny afternoon at the Pickles house. Stu picked up the mail. "Hey," he said. "It's a letter from Mr. Csupo". "Who?" Didi and Betty asked. "You know, our boss." "Oh." ""Dear Screw," Screw? Um, okay then. "We are having a party to celebrate the success of The Rugrats Movie. And you and Didi are invited." "YAY" Didi yelled. "P.S., bring the kids." Stu said, doubtfully. "Don't worry, Stu. There not gonna cause trouble like they do the T. V. Show" said Didi. "Okay, so were cause trouble like we do on the T.B. Show." Said Tommy. "But Tommy..." Chuckie started. "Don't worry Chuck, nothin's gonna haplin." "huh," Chuckie sighed. Then he looked towards the camera. "Sometimes I don't know if this is T.B. or reality".

When the gang arrived at the Studios, They met Stu's brother Drew and his family Charlotte and Angelica.

"Hiya cuz, didn't expect you here. Um, what's wrong with Chuckie?" Chuckie was starring at Angelica. "Hiya, Cutie-I mean, Angelica!" Then, Jeff let them. "It's that darn crush" said Tommy. "Trust me pal, this will end up just like your LAST crush." "Which ONE?"

When they got inside, Kathy greeted them. "Hi guys! Come on in! We couldn't get any where without our cast!

There Was a buffet at the party, and Angelica got in line but bumped into Josh. "Watch it kid!" "That's no way to treat a lady!" "I'll treat anyone I want!" Then Josh walked away. "He's meaner then my TV series character, and THAT's saying something."

"Look at all that food." Said Tommy. "Let's eats it." Exclaimed Phil. So the four of them got on the table and literally ate all the food. The next day however, they were all FAT. "Maybe we shouldn't of ate all that food." Groaned Tommy. "I don't feel so well" said Chuckie. "bleeeaaahh!" "Hey how come you aren't fat?" Phil asked to Angelica. "I don't really know."

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