Season 1 Episode 3
Chuckie Goes to Preschool
Original Airdate July 28, 2017
Previous Episode Chas Is In Love
Next Episode Ms Benjamin Goes on Vacation


Today is Chuckie's first day of preschool and he is afraid of others bothering him.

Angelica tries to make Chuckie be in trouble.


When Chuckie mentions he likes Flash Wars, it's a reference to Star Wars.

Chuckie gets to talk to his parents in this one and the rest.


When Kira hugged Chuckie, her left arm is not shown.


Chas: You're a big boy, Lil guy.

Chuckie: No.


(The episode starts with some mayonnaise dropping out the can)

(Kira is fixing a sandwich for Chuckie)

Kira: And here's your lunch.

Chas: He'll also needs this. Lipscitz says it'll keep him company in class.

Kira: Ok.

(Kira hugs Chuckie)

Kira: We're so proud of our sweet boy.

Chas: You're a big boy, Lil guy.

Chuckie: No, ba ba.

Kira: Do you need your Wawa?

Chuckie: Yah!

(Cut to Preschool)

Chas: Have fun.

Miss Weemer: Hi. Who are you?

Kira: I'm Kira Finster and my husband, Chas.

Chas: This is my son, Chuckie.

Miss Weemer: Hi!

Chuckie: (hugs Kira)

Kira: She's nice, Chuckie.

(He goes to Play Group)

Angelica: I like drawing Cynthia.

Susie: I drew my sister.

Harold: I drew my mother.

Chuckie: Hi, guys.

Susie and Harold: Chuckie!

Angelica: Finster, what are you doing here?

Chuckie: I'm in preschool.


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