Season 1 Episode 2
Chas Is In Love
Original Airdate July 25, 2017
Previous Episode Chuckie's First Brithday
Next Episode Chuckie goes to Preschool


The Finsters and Pickles go to Saitama, Japan to meet Kira's family.


Kira and her family mentions the First time that Saitama was claimed by Yoku Tukishima.

Randare Simulator is a referenced game to Yandere Simulator.


[The episode begins with some clothes being in a suitcase, it's just Chas packing their clothes]

Chas: Phew. All that hard work for nothing.

Kira: We're going to the airport and fly to Nagoya.

(Chuckie comes in)

Chas: Little guy, can you have this mini suitcase?

[Chuckie walks away with it]

Kira: What's wrong with Chuckie?

Chas: He must be suffering from Vacation Fever! (gasps)

(He faints)

Kira: He'll be all right, koibito.

(He stands back up)

Chas: The way to stop it is to get him out the car for snacks.

Kira: You mean by 9 miles that we get to go out?

Chas: Exactly!

(Doorbell rings)

Stu: Hey, Chas.

Didi: Sorry, we're late.

Chas: Can you guys help me? Chuckie has Vacation Fever.

(Scolls right to babies)

Brianna: (southern accent) Sounds like yall having somethin goin on.

Chuckie: My daddy thinks I'm sick.

(Back to grownups)

Kira: My parents said we are going to China for China Dragon Night.

Chas: They have that on Chinese New Year.

(Back To kids)

Chuckie: There's dragons?!

Chuckie: I'm scared.

Brianna: Don't be so darn afraid.

Angelica: Don't listen to that stupid sibling!

Tommy: I heard ENOUGH, ANGELICA! Brianna, a baby's gotta do...

Brianna: What's a baby's gonna do!

(They all cheer, except Angelica)

(The episode ends with airplane going to China and they see the Chinese New Year Parade)

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