Characters in my Fanon Edit

  • Tommy
  • Chuckie
  • Phil
  • Lil
  • Angelica
  • Suzie
  • Minor characters like Prudence and McNulty.
  • The grown ups. Like Didi,Stu,Chaz,Drew,Charlotte, Betty, Howard, Grandpa Lou. Grandpa Boris, Grandma Minka ect.

Season 6 onwards

  • Dil
  • Kimi (after Rugrats in Paris)


  • The monster under the bed
  • Dust Bunnies
  • Angelica
  • Mirror world Tommy,Chuckie,Phil and Lil.
  • I'm not Tommy
  • I'm not Stu
  • Negative energy life form.
  • Prudence
  • Jonathan
  • Mike and Bob
  • Ronald Thump
  • Tommy's sipping cup.
  • Mr Friend the clown.

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