Babysmurfrocks' SeriesEdit

Tommy Pickles: Age 2

Dil Pickles: Age 1

Chuckie Pickles: Age 3

Kimi Finster: Age 2 1/2-3

Phil and Lil DeVille: Age 2

Susie Carmichael: Age 4

Angelica Pickles: Age 4

Timmy McNulty: Age 6

Todd and Ty McNulty: Age 3

Terry McNulty: Age 4

Teddy McNulty: Age 1 1/2-2

Savannah Green: Age 1

Hector: Age 2

Prudence: Age 3

Gloria: Age 1

Belinda: Age 2

Liopleurodons' seriesEdit

Tommy male age 1

Dil male age 0

Didi female age 42

Stu male age 49

Chuckie male age 2

Lil female age 1

Garfield male cat age 36 (4 in cat years)

Spinosaurus male dinosaur age 95,000,000

Pickles The Brachiosaurus male dinosaur age 150,000,000

Kimi female age 2

Roaring Diplodocus male dinosaur age 152,000,000

Cynthia female doll 3

Angelica female age 3

Reptar male dinosaur age 30

Susie female age 3

Prudence female age 2

Timmy male age 5

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