Reason 1 Why I decided to help out:Edit

The First reason why I decided to help out on this wiki because when ip addresses and users misbehave with bad edits, i don't like when those happen, i will help with everything that is happening on the wiki, I will attend and my answers will be "yes" if there is a lot of things that i need to do, and i will be pleasurely attend and help out. In addition, if some pages are causing as vandalism or spam, the user who did that needed to be blocked until if the expiry of the block ends, i can decide if the block will be short or long, blocks need a serious reason why the user should be blocked, if the user is blocked for no reason, i will say: i will unblock you because i think why you got blocked for no reason and i will unblock you because admins should have serious reasons why the bad users should be blocked.

Reason 2 Why I decided to help out:Edit

The Second reason why i decided to help out on this wiki because when i see people's profiles to see if its appropiate with words and stuff that are appropiate for the wiki, and if i see that if the profile is inappropiate, then i will have to delete the page and tell the user who had that profile that it was deleted that they will have to be blocked for a very serious reason about the profile. It shouldn't be a problem if the user aplogizes that they made an inappropiate profile, and then i will unblock the user who apolgized. I had a feeling about when i decide to help out on the wiki to make it safe with no vandalism or any kid of spam or bad users like hackers who hack pages that admins can block then for the time of infinte (with means forever).

Reason 3 Why I decided to help out:Edit

The Third reason why i decided to help out on this wiki because when i watch the home page and the pages that are created by the local admins and the founder, and somebody edits it and ruins it, i can click "rollback" and then block the user from ruining the page that made that purpose of ruining the page of making that inappropiate edit. I will be deciding to help out a lot on this wiki because when i attend to the problems that i have to fix, i will be fine with that, and i will fix the problem with rollback to the other version that the other user who edited the page.

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